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Project Description

One of the challenging and rewarding aspects of our work is converting an architect’s two-dimensional drawing into a three-dimensional reality. This Beaux-Arts doorway was built based upon photographs of an existing doorway and rudimentary line drawings. Working with the architects and using modern design tools, such as AutoCAD and SketchUp, we produced detailed shop drawings illustrating every aspect and joinery detail of this door and doorway. Each section and every moulding profile from the head to the sill to the paneled-extension jambs to the neck mouldings on the colonettes were carefully scrutinized and studied. It went through numerous reviews and revisions until the design was perfect before going into production.

The door and surround are built with pattern-grade, genuine mahogany. The transom is glazed with insulated glass made with laminated glass for its sound-deadening properties. The curved paneled-extension jambs, with applied bolection mouldings at the head, were particularly challenging. Curved members were laminated using thin strips of lumber glued over forms. The colonettes, capital and bases were turned on a lath. Egg-and-dart mouldings and the carved rosettes were made in California.