Windows are a key architectural element and help define the character of many buildings. Our goal is to build you a truly custom window to meet your specific needs, not just a custom-size window. From 18th century mortise and tenon plank-frame windows with hand-blown cylinder glass, to solid mahogany true divided-light windows with high-performance glass, we understand the architectural periods, details and joinery required to replicate nearly any style or type of window. We offer dozens of sash profiles and glazing options and numerous hardware choices to create the perfect reproduction window for your project.



Achieving Warmth While Preserving Historic Authenticity

Old windows can be an enormous energy drain and frequently do not function in the manner they were intended. Modern manufactured windows, on the other hand, often are not historically correct in their detailing. We understood this conflict and set out to resolve it.

Old Chapel, Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont


7/8″ wide muntin for true divided-light sash with insulated glass


Achieving Warmth While Preserving Historic Authenticity

Using traditional materials, joinery and profiles and modern technology, such as high-performance, energy-efficient glass with “warm-edge spacer bars,” we developed a line of reproduction true divided-light wood windows with insulated glass and historically accurate muntin bars as narrow as 7/8-inch. True divided-light sash reflects light differently than simulated divided-light sash and are generally required by historic district commissions.

Our true divided-light windows have been approved by every landmark commission that has reviewed them.

They are available as double-hung, casements, awnings, hoppers, fanlights, etc. As with all our products, numerous options in profiles, glazing, hardware, and weather-stripping are available.

Our windows have been tested in accordance with AAMA/WDMA 101/IS2 and have been computer simulated for thermal performance. Energy performance, however, varies with the type of glass specified. Glazing options include insulated glass made from reproduction hand-blown cylinder glass, beveled glass, bent glass, tempered, laminated, Low-E, or argon-filled glass.

With our proven weather-stripping and glazing systems, our windows meet or exceed the performance standards for structural integrity, air and water infiltration, resistance to forced entry, and ease of operation.

17th c. Dutch Colonial window with mortise and tenon, white oak-plank frame and reproduction sash with hand-blown cylinder glass. Kingston, New York